Predicción, simulación, optimización

Se realiza con un claro objetivo a buscar, como puede ser la predicción de un evento, la simulación de una serie de factores, o la optimización de diversos parámetros.

After a first phase of preparation and configuration of the infrastructure and work environment, advanced analysis is launched to cover 5 phases, depending on the type of project and of the nature and volume of data:


Exposing the deficiencies detected and how to resolve them to achieve a more effective, precise and accurate analysis.

delete_sweepData cleanings

Once stored and prepared for digital handling, they will be prepared for analysis.

zoom_inExploratoy analysis

Statistical data feasibility study, to eliminate or adjust the assumptions about the real world, that can be resolved with the available data.

youtube_searched_forAdvanced analysis 

In this phase the goal to be resolved is clearly defined, techniques to be used are set and the associated statistical models are developed.


Final phase where the graphic representation, communication and packaging of results are worked on.

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