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Technological Observatory of ICT Sector


Annual Report

The annual report is a collection of all the basics aspects and activities of ITI during one year.  This includes partnership agreements, fulfilled projects, outreach activities, and growth indicators. It is an essential tool with a dual function.  It is a helping hand toward the valuation of the achieved goals and another hand to reflect and set new challenges for the future.

Present magazine TIC

A quarterly magazine of the Institute of Computer Technology with a circulation of 3,000 copies to be distributed among partners, institutions, public agencies, trade shows and other public interest. Its contents focus around Information Technology and Communications, including: scientific articles with the latest advances in software technology, news and events in the relevant sector, interviews of interest, and a forum for legal firms TIC. The publication also provides further information on aids, grants, and the training center. The aim is to provide readers with practical information and an overview of the ICT sector´s movements.

Receive E-Newsletter

E-newsletter with all the news related to the activities of ITI. It consists of four sections: Grants and Subsidies, Training, Events, and News. Its frequency is biweekly and provides alerts for sending last-minute information from these four sections.



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