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Technological Observatory of ICT Sector

About us

The Institute of Computer Technology is a specialized technological centre of Research, Development and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies. It was created in 1994 as a non-profit institution. it is registered as number 55 in the Spanish official register of Innovation and Technology Centres (CIT). It also belongs to the Network of Technological Institutes of Valencia (REDIT), the Spanish Federation of Organizations for Innovation and Technology (FEDIT), as well as to other entities and associations. ITI has also signed agreements and partnerships with a number of national and international agencies.

ITI performs Research, Development, Innovation, and Technology Transfer, offering companies the ability to incorporate technologies and R&D capabilities  in their products, processes, or activities. The technologies and services offered are the result of a combination of cutting-edge scientific knowledge and a long experience in partnerships with other companies.


Our mission is to do Research, Innovation and Development in ICT in order to improve and maintain the competition capabilities of technological companies with a clear orientation to their demands and needs, generating and transferring knowledge for the development of industry and society.


ITI aspires to become a landmark in Research, Development, and Innovation in ICT, both at a national and an international level, with the consideration of a technology motor of companies, providing value to them and society in general, while at the same time promoting professional and personal development of their employees.



Acting in a way that allows us to be recognized for our excellence, both by customers and suppliers, as well as the professional and social sectors within which we operate. ITI's team is composed of a broad group of experts known for their professionalism.


Innovation is a fundamental principle of ITI's activities as an organization as well as every individual within each area of responsibility.

Client-based Work Ethic

To acquire in-depth knowledge of the technological needs and demands of current and potential customers, thereby achieving their satisfaction.


Cooperation based on trust and knowledge exchanges with businesses, other research centres, our associates and administrations etc...


Operate according to the strictest sense of professional ethics. Assume fairness in dealings with customers, without using a margin of individual interest, as the professional core of our values, and always working with the highest degree of neutrality and objectivity.

Goal-based Work Ethic

Orientation towards results: in terms of taking decisions and developing our actions based on the impact they will have on the achievement of ITI´s objectives.


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